4 July 2018

ACC speaking to French Delegates in Montreal

Publié par Carole Fournier

At a seminar organized by Les solutions conseils rézoway, ACC Label presented a seminar about food labelling requirements in Canada to a group of French entrepreneurs seeking to expand their market on the Canadian market.

7 November 2017

Food Labelling in Canada

Publié par Carole Fournier

On October 11th, 2017, ACC Label gave a lecture to McGill University Food Science graduates in the Comparative Food Law course (FDSC 555). Topics included: nutritional analysis methods, evaluating projects, careers in food labelling, keeping up-to-date with regulatory modifications.

1 November 2017

Food Labelling in Canada

Publié par Carole Fournier

On September 29th, 2017, ACC Label gave a 2-hour lecture to dietetic students of McGill University. Topics covered included the Canadian legal framework, basic food labelling requirements, value-added claims, nutritional analysis, employment outlook, roles and responsibilities of people working in food labelling and challenges they face.

15 December 2016

New Regulatory Requirements in Food Labelling

Publié par Carole Fournier

Canadian food labelling is evolving. Major regulatory modifications are about to change the appearance and the contents of ingredient lists and Nutrition Facts tables. Why all these modifications? What should we know? This seminar will present the new regulatory requirements regarding: the declaration of sugars and food colour additives; the new core nutrients to include […]

15 November 2016

Working in Food Labelling

Publié par Carole Fournier

This lecture aimed to familiarize dietetic and food science students about working in food labelling. The lecture began with the subject of client relations: understanding the needs and the expectations of clients; evaluating labelling projects and the role of the expert advisor. Common traps in nutritional analysis and food labelling in general were discussed, as […]

15 December 2015

Food Labelling in Canada

Publié par Carole Fournier

The objective of this seminar was to introduce delegates of the Food and Drug Administration of the province of Jiangxi in China to the Canadian labelling standards, and to inform them about how ACC Label can help Chinese food manufacturers who wish to export their products to Canada. Presented by Carole Fournier, Nutritionist and President […]

15 November 2015

Nutritional Analysis of Food Products

Publié par Carole Fournier

The objective of this conference was to train future nutritionists on nutritional analysis methods and teach them factors to consider in the selection of the most appropriate nutritional analysis method considering the nature of the product and the targeted goals. Then, database analysis was discussed in detail: elements required to perform the nutritional analysis and […]

15 April 2014

Canadian vs US Food Labelling

Publié par Carole Fournier

This seminar aimed to introduce American food manufacturers to Canadian food labelling regulatory requirements. The Canadian specificity with respect to language requirements, the declaration of net quantity, nutritional labelling and nutrient related claims, as well as ingredient and allergen declarations were presented. Requirements specific to the labelling of certain commodities were also discussed: the mandatory […]

15 February 2013

Sodium Reduction Strategy

Publié par Carole Fournier

This seminar aimed to inform Costco Wholesale Canada’s Fresh Food Department team about the Sodium Reduction Strategy proposed by Health Canada, and to discuss how Costco can implement the sodium reduction strategy in-house. The lecture began with explanations of what is sodium and why we should reduce its consumption. Nutritional recommendations regarding sodium consumption were […]

15 April 2012

Fundamentals of Canadian Food Labelling

Publié par Carole Fournier

Is food labelling useful? What are the fundamentals of food labelling in Canada? This conference presented an overview of the various regulatory requirements of food labelling, namely with respect to the declaration of ingredients and allergens, nutritional labelling and the various value-added claims. The subject of nutritional analysis methods to determine the nutritional composition of […]

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