What is MesurACC?

MesurACC® is a typographical reference and measuring tool created by ACC Label to verify food labels with respect to the various graphic requirements prescribed by regulation.

2016 SIAL Innovation Award Recipient for the Equipment, Packaging and Technologies product category, the MesurACC has since undergone several transformations. It is now available in 2 enhanced versions with several new features:

  • Typo MesurACCFood Labelling Typographical Tool is used to measure the type size of various label elements (in mm, in fractions of an inch or in points), the line spacing in the list of ingredients, the thickness of the lines in the Nutrition Facts Table and the dimensions of the packaging. Simply place the MesurACC tool over the printed label to validate the various measurements.

Designed for the food industry, but useful in any trade sector that needs to measure various graphic elements on printed surfaces.

  • NFT MesurACCCanadian Nutrition Facts Table is used to verify the graphic compliance of NFTs. This tool includes 7 of the main standard NFTs in the prescribed dimensions, as well as the basic simplified NFT and the approximate measurements of the other simplified NFTs.

By placing the desired NFT on the MesurACC directly over the NFT of the printed label, it is possible to see at a glance whether all of the various regulatory graphic requirements (NFT dimensions, font sizes, thickness of the rules/lines, as well as the spacing of the various elements) are respected.

The two MesurACC tools also include rulers (in cm and in inches) to measure packaging surfaces.


Both MesurACCs are printed on letter-size plastic sheets.

The Typo MesurACC is printed on a semi-flexible resistant plastic sheet with the thickness of thin cardboard, which makes it easy to locate by touch in a stack of documents.

The NFT MesurACC is printed on a thinner plastic sheet, flexible like a sheet of paper, which makes it possible, for example, to place it on a cylindrical container and measure its circumference.

Both MesurACCs are also practical reference tools to have on hand.

The Typo MesurACC includes:

  • a table for converting font sizes and line spacing from millimetres to points or vice versa;
  • a table of the type heights prescribed by regulation (Canada and USA) for the net quantity declaration, according to the dimensions of the packaging.
  • the dimensions of the bilingual standard NFT, model 3.1, and the packaging available display surface which requires this format.

The MesurACC NFT includes:

  • templates for 7 of the main standard NFT formats, their dimensions and the corresponding packaging available display surfaces;
  • a template of the Bilingual Simplified Standard NFT (format 6.1), the dimensions of the basic model and the corresponding available display surface;

  • a table of the approximate height per additional nutrient line for each of the Bilingual Simplified Standard NFT formats. The measurements are approximate because they depend on the nutrients added and the impact of the additions on the length of the “Not a significant source of…” statement.

Who should use MesurACC?

  • Regulatory Affairs Managers
  • Inspectors enforcing label compliance
  • Food labelling consultants
  • Packaging / Sales and Marketing Managers 
  • Anyone involved with food labelling

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Épaisseur de ligne mask

Rule Sizes

The lines may be used to measure leading (spacing between lines of text), as well as the thickness of lines in the Nutrition Facts table:

  • The 0.25 point hairline rule is required in the
    US Nutrition Facts table (NFT).
  • The 0.5 point thin rule is required for the
    Canadian standard NFT.
  • The 1 point rule is required above Calories in the Canadian standard NFT.
  • The 2 point rule is required in the Canadian standard NFT, below the serving size declaration and above the vitamin declaration.
  • The 3 point rule may be used to measure the spacing required between the outer box outline of the Canadian NFT and the text enclosed.
Hauteur de caractères mask

Type height
in points

Type height for different point sizes of Helvetica® font (for uppercase and lowercase letters).

Mesure de ligne mask

Type height
in mm and inches

Clear see through polymer allows to measure, between lines, type heights on printed material.
Measures shown in both millimetres and fractions of an inch.

Billingual Nutrition Facts Table mask

Canadian Bilingual Standard
Nutrition Facts Table
Model 3.1

By overlapping this Nutrition Facts table over the one on the printed label, one can easily verify whether all the typographical requirements are met.

Conversion table mask

Conversion of Font Sizes

Conversion of Helvetica® font sizes in points versus mm and inches, for uppercase letters (left-hand column) and lowercase letters (right-hand column).

Declaration of net quantity mask

Type Height Requirements

Table of Canadian and USA minimum type requirements for the net quantity declarations, based on the packaging dimensions.

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