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Carole Fournier Nutritionist, President and Founder


Carole founded ACC Label in 1990. She has over 30 years of experience, and is truly an expert advisor in food labelling.

After work, Carole loves kayaking, in the summer, and singing all year-round!


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Elizabeth (Beth) Tompkins Food Labelling Advisor and Continuing Education Manager


Beth joined our team in 2018. She recently completed her Master’s Degree in Food Science and has a knack for regulatory research.

“Working at ACC has given me the opportunity to discover a variety of food products from around the world. Researching food regulations has greatly expanded my knowledge of food law, food science and nutrition.” 


Paula Rueda Pereira Food Labelling Advisor and Social Media Manager



Paula joined the team in 2017. She has a B.Sc. in Dietetics and Nutrition from Colombia

and an equivalence of her degree from Uruguay. Paula speaks Spanish, English and French.

Her favourite activity is cuddling with her cats!

“ACC Label’s team is great to work with. They are very supportive and fun to spend the day with. They are not just my colleagues, they became my friends.”


Leontine Kaprielian Food Labelling Advisor


Leontine joined our team in 2011, with her B.Sc. degree in Nutrition from Argentina. She is the one who designed ACC Label’s award-winning MesurACC tool.

You can speak with Leontine in Spanish, Armenian, English or French.

Leontine loves visiting museums, swimming and her baby twins!

“I’m proud to have been working at ACC Label since 2011, where everyone on the team is involved in various aspects of the business, and contributes to the development of the company. The projects I’ve worked on have presented challenges that pushed me to learn new skills that have advanced my career beyond my expectations. I feel lucky to be part of such a dynamic team!”


Gisele Y Castro Administrative Assistant and Team Building Coordinator


Gisele, our new Canadian citizen, from Brazil, joined ACC Label’s team in 2018.

You can speak with her in Portuguese, English or French.

During the greatest heats and the brightest sun, you will find her enjoying the outdoors!

“ACC Label has a great team. Everyone is committed to do their best work, and the company provides us all with the opportunity to grow professionally.”


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