Legal Compliance

shutterstock_138869066_optimisedWhether you are launching a new product, expanding your business to the Canadian market or looking to renew your packaging, the legal compliance of your label is of the utmost importance.

Your objective should be to attract buyers; not inspectors. ACC Label can help you create legally compliant labels.

Label Analysis for Legal Compliance

ACC Label’s expertise provides peace of mind. Our all-inclusive label regulatory analysis service includes:

  • Verification of the product formula and compositional standards, if applicable, based upon Canadian regulatory requirements;
  • Examination of the various label elements;
  • Review or writing of the ingredient lists and other mandatory labelling elements, in the manner prescribed by Canadian food labelling regulations;
  • Review of voluntary label elements: Do they raise regulatory issues?
  • Production of legally compliant print-ready Canadian Nutrition Facts tables, in EPS format, ready to insert into the label artwork;
  • Enhancing the marketability of products by highlighting their positive features with claims such as “No preservatives”, “Organic”, “Gluten-free” etc.;
  • Linguistic review and translation of label elements, including voluntary information, such as cooking instructions, recipe ideas, etc.;
  • Report indicating all the required corrections and recommended modifications (shown in both English and French), presented visually and including instructions regarding the typographical requirements for the graphic designer.
  • Regulatory review of one revised label proof prepared based on ACC Label’s recommendations.

Enhancing Product Marketability

Labels provide an excellent opportunity to promote the positive features of products, at the moment when the consumer is ready to make a choice. Value-added claims and the way to express them are subject to food labelling regulations, the purpose of which is to protect the public. How can one capitalize on food product qualities yet remain within legal boundaries?

ACC Label can help describe the positive features of your products in such a manner that they are:

  • recognized by the consumer as an advantage specific to your product;
  • compliant with the Canadian food labelling regulations, using the appropriate terminology and phrase structure, in both French and English.

In order to achieve this, a strong capacity to interpret the regulations is required.

Choosing ACC Label for their nutrition, regulatory and linguistic expertise is a marketing strategy which could lead to increased sales and ultimately product longevity. Choosing ACC Label is choosing peace of mind.


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