Legal Compliance

Whether you are launching a new product, expanding your business to the Canadian market or looking to renew your packaging, the legal compliance of your label is of the utmost importance.

Your objective should be to attract buyers, not inspectors. ACC Label can help you navigate the regulations (including the exceptions and particularities of the exceptions) to create legally compliant labels.

What does a bicycle wheel have in common with a Nutrition Facts table?


Just as the wheel makes up one part of the bike…
The Nutrition Facts table
(NFT) makes up one part of the food label .

The food label also includes elements such as the identity (name) of the product, the net quantity, the list of ingredients and allergens, the product’s country of origin, the name and principal place of business, the product’s durable life and the storage instructions. In addition, depending on the nature of the product, there may be several other requirements, related to, for example, the product’s category, colour and size.

Finally, claims used to promote the product will be subject to several requirements. The regulations specify how these elements are to be declared and for each requirement there are often several exceptions.


Legal Compliance of Labels

ACC Label’s expertise provides peace of mind. Our regulatory analysis service includes:

  • verification of the product formulation and compositional standards (if applicable) according to Canadian regulatory requirements;
  • review or drafting of the lists of ingredients and allergens and other mandatory label elements, in the manner prescribed by Canadian regulations;
  • verification of supplementary information: does it raise regulatory issues?;
  • the production of legally compliant Canadian Nutrition Facts tables, ready to insert into the label artwork;
  • adding value to your products by underlining their specific characteristics with claims such as “No preservatives”, “Organic”, “Gluten-free”, etc.;
  • linguistic review and translation of label elements;
  • a visual report illustrating the required and recommended corrections to be made to the English and French texts with instructions for your graphic designer who will create the new label; and
  • verification of the regulatory compliance of revised label proofs prepared according to ACC Label’s recommendations.

Upgrade Your Product

Labels provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the unique qualities of a food item, especially when consumers must choose between products. However, value-added claims and the way they are expressed are subject to various food labelling regulations. Wondering how you can upgrade your product’s image while respecting the law?

This can be achieved with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the complex regulations.

ACC Label can help you identify authorized product claims and formulate them so that they are:

  • recognized by the consumer as an advantage specific to your product;
  • compliant with the federal and provincial food labelling regulations in Canada, including the appropriate terminology and phrase structure, in both French and English.

Choosing ACC Label for nutritional, regulatory and linguistic expertise is a marketing strategy that could help boost your sales and product longevity.

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