Why Choose ACC Label?

ACC Label’s clientele is spread all over North America, and counts a few food companies in Europe, the Philippines, South Africa, and Australia.

Why do they choose ACC Label?

10 Good Reasons to Choose ACC Label


  1. Regulatory Compliance
  2. Marketing Edge
  3. Nutrition Expertise
  4. Linguistic Expertise
  5. Know-How
  6. High Quality Standards
  7. Customer-Based Approach
  8. All-Inclusive Service
  9. Good Long-Lasting Business Relationship
  10. Peace of Mind


1.  Regulatory Compliance

ACC label’s expertise is based on its knowledge of the various acts and regulations governing food labelling. We do not limit ourselves to the Food and Drug Act and Regulations; we also take into account other applicable federal and provincial regulations. The province of Quebec, for example, has several requirements that may be overlooked, unless one is very familiar with its specificities.

Over the years ACC Label established a strong reputation based on:

  • the accuracy and thoroughness of our analyses;
  • the soundness of our recommendations;
  • the clarity of our reports.

We indicate the required and recommended corrections and we show how to apply the modifications, with visual examples displaying the label elements in both English and in French.

Furthermore, we keep up to date on regulatory changes by actively participating in the numerous consultations regarding proposed regulatory changes and governmental guidelines.

Labels are often the first impression the consumer or wholesale purchaser has of your product and your company. For ethical reasons, our sense of responsibility and our pride in doing things we put as much care into your labels as if they were our own.

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2.  Marketing Edge

Labels provide an excellent opportunity to promote food products. What can be said and the way to express it are subject to the law, which purpose is to protect the public. How can one capitalize on food product qualities yet remain within the legal boundaries?

In order to achieve this, one must be aware of the numerous regulatory restrictions and possess a strong capacity to interpret the legal requirements.

ACC Label can help describe the positive features of your products in such a manner that they are:

  • Recognized by the consumer as an advantage specific to your product;
  • Compliant to the numerous food labelling regulations.

In addition to mastering the regulatory requirements and restrictions, ACC Label is also familiar with the labelling standards of major food chains such as Costco Wholesale Canada and Loblaws (and other banner chains of the same group, such as Provigo, Maxi, etc.) In fact, many of our clients are referred to us by these stores, because they have confidence in the quality of the services delivered by ACC Label.

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3.  Nutrition Expertise

Nutrition labelling is an important part of food labelling. Unfortunately, most food companies do not have nutritionists on their team. Consequently, nutritional analyses of food products are often performed by food scientists using database nutritional analysis software. Without a solid background in nutrition science, common inaccuracies go unnoticed.

ACC Label’s team of nutritionists uses its scientific know-how to reduce the margins of errors in database nutritional analyses. Additionally, we developed tools to further reduce human error, and improve our efficiency in recommending legally-compliant nutrition-related value-added claims applicable to the products we analyse.

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4.  Linguistic Expertise

When it comes to labelling, linguistic expertise goes beyond spelling and grammar. Linguistic quality has a direct impact on the consumer’s (and wholesale buyer’s) perception of your product and your company’s quality standards.

ACC Label verifies the legality of your texts, and when necessary re-writes the text with style so it is both legal and attractive to the consumer.

ACC Label’s linguistic expertise entails:

  • mastering the linguistic requirements of Canadian regulations as well the Quebec Charter of the French Language;
  • mastering both the English and French vocabulary and phraseology prescribed in the various food labelling regulations;
  • verifying spelling (differentiating between Canadian and US spelling), grammar, syntax and style;
  • translation, respecting or enhancing the style in the original copy.

For your Canadian food labelling needs, you need:

  • Regulatory experts who master both Canadian official languages;
  • Translators who are very familiar with Canadian food labelling regulations.

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5.  Know-How

 At ACC Label, all projects are managed by bilingual professionals with a university degree in nutrition or food science. When they begin working at ACC Label, each employee receives a long training during which he will learn the ACC methodology and adhere to our high quality standards. The training is so long; it is in fact a continuous process.

In order to keep up to date and achieve a leadership position in Canadian food labelling, we participate in conferences et and seminars, either as attendees or as speakers. We also actively participate in government consultations, and thus contribute to regulatory change.

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6.  High Quality Standards

You value quality? You will like ACC Label. Our high quality standards and our attention to detail make our success. In order to always deliver irreproachable work, our reports are always peer-reviewed. Thus, your project may be managed by one project manager, but you benefit from the opinion of at least two.

For ACC Label, quality means more than the good execution of technical work. It implies thinking and reasoning, using our knowledge and experience to advise our clients, often more than they had even imagined, and properly communicating important and pertinent information in a language level accessible to the person to whom it is addressed.

At ACC Label, we do not seek to impress our clients by providing unnecessary and confusing information. On the contrary, we provide only the specific information applicable to the project. When necessary, we illustrate our recommendations with clear examples adapted the specific situation.

That, in our opinion, is what quality is all about.

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7.  Customer-Based Approach

Customer-based approach, is another aspect of quality service that is not neglected at ACC Label. This involves courtesy on the phone and in writing.

ACC Label’s customer focus also implies adapting its services to the clients, specific needs, and freeing them from technical tasks related to their projects. For example, we often communicate ourselves with our clients’ suppliers to obtain missing information.

To accommodate our clients, we can also adapt our work schedules to meet their objectives.

In short, our customer-based approach focuses on the needs of our clients, as companies, and as individuals who deal with us. That’s why our clients like us and they are loyal to us.

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8.  All-Inclusive Service

Our food labelling service is all-inclusive: we verify your product formula to make sure there are no regulatory issues with it, and we scrutinize each label element (not only the Nutrition Facts table and the ingredient list).

In our label analysis report, for example, we clearly discuss issues with each mandatory label element (product nomenclature, net quantity declaration, etc.), as well as complementary or voluntary information (e.g. value added claims, preparation instructions, etc.). We examine the labels on every angle: regulatory, nutritional, linguistic and typographical.

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9.  Good Long-Lasting Business Relationship

When outsourcing business with consultants, we like to establish good long term relationships. It feels good when the relationship is based on trust, and when we feel confident that the firm will not shutdown at the next economic crisis. While there is no guarantee in this matter, the odds are better when dealing with a firm well established for over a decade. Founded in 1990, ACC is established on solid grounds and equipped to prosper.

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10.  Peace of Mind

ACC Label provides an upscale food labelling service. We take great pride in the quality of our work.

Choosing ACC Label for nutrition, regulatory and linguistic expertise is a marketing strategy which could help you penetrate or expand into the Canadian market, increase your sales and contribute to your products’ longevity.

The combination of ACC Label’s competencies in food law, nutrition science, and linguistics sets us apart from our competitors, as most businesses working in our field seldom excel in all three of these areas.

Choosing ACC Label is choosing peace of mind!

See what our clients have to say about us.

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