Collaborations with McGill and Laval universities

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ACC Label is now a regular at McGill University, where its president, Carole Fournier, gives lectures to dietetic students year after year:

November – Annual lecture since 2017 on Canadian Food Labelling and Nutritional Analysis Methodology for reliable results, as part of the Food Service Systems Management course (Nutr 345 – 2nd year of undergraduate studies).
January – Annual lecture since 2021 on Food Label Literacy to make informed food choices, as part of the Applications of Food Fundamentals course (Nutr 217 – 1st year undergraduate studies)

A more recent collaboration with Laval University, since January 2021, is also becoming a ritual. As part of the Integrative Product Development Project course (B.Sc. Food Science). Students are required to develop an innovative food product, from the planning stages through to production under industrial conditions, including packaging and labelling. ACC Label’s role is to advise students on labelling issues they may not have thought of during the presentation of their project.

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