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Your products are your pride and your livelihood.

You may spend great sums in advertising, but the label generally remains the last sales element at the time the consumer makes his purchasing decision.

It therefore makes sense to invest on the label. Beyond the label design, the messages relayed on the label and the manner to express them should not be neglected.

In Canada, food labelling is regulated by several acts and regulations. Regulations prescribe not only what may and must be said on a label, but also the wording and the phraseology to use.

One should therefore entrust the translation of his labels to translators knowledgeable about the regulatory requirements of food labelling.

On the other hand, a good knowledge of food labelling regulations with basic French and English writing skills may not suffice for the translation of food labels to be sold in Canada. It is imperative to thoroughly master both official languages of Canada as well as the food labelling regulations.

ACC Label is a food labelling consulting firm that requires its employees to master both French and English. In fact, having strong linguistic abilities in both official languages is a selection criteria.

Entrusting the labelling of your food products to ACC Label is choosing peace of mind. You avoid the risks related to non-compliance, and you improve your chances of making a good impression to consumers with linguistic quality above reproach.

Click here to see what happens when a company entrusts the translation of its labels to the wrong person. You will find zany translations. Some of them are actually quite funny, but what impression does it give of the company?

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