Sodium Reduction Strategy

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This seminar aimed to inform Costco Wholesale Canada’s Fresh Food Department team about the Sodium Reduction Strategy proposed by Health Canada, and to discuss how Costco can implement the sodium reduction strategy in-house.

The lecture began with explanations of what is sodium and why we should reduce its consumption. Nutritional recommendations regarding sodium consumption were compared to the actual average sodium consumption of Canadians.

Sources of sodium were identified and Health Canada’s Sodium Reduction Strategy was presented, as well as potential claims that could be considered if sodium levels were sufficiently reduced.

An analysis of the sodium content of Costco’s products was presented and suggestions to reduce the sodium content of products prepared in Costco’s warehouses were proposed, keeping in mind the risks associated with sodium contents that are too low

Presented by Valérie Taschereau, Nutritionist and Project Assistant at ACC Label Inc.
to Costco Wholesale Canada’s Fresh Foods Department
February 2013

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