ACC Label Lectured on Nutritional Analysis

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On November 24, 2015, Diana Ickx, Nutritionist and Project Manager at ACC Label, gave a lecture on nutritional analysis to nutrition students at the University of Montreal. The course presented:

  • a description of nutritional analysis methods
  • factors to consider in the choice of method
  • elements required for nutritional analysis
  • purchasing criteria for a nutritional analysis software
  • tips to improve the reliability of database nutritional analyses

Over the past 25 years, ACC Label’s nutritionists have perfected database nutritional analysis. In addition to using powerful software, they apply their knowledge in food science and nutrition to reduce errors and produce reliable results. It is this expertise that Diana Ickx shared with future nutritionists from the University of Montreal.

We can rejoice that these future graduates of the University of Montreal are better equipped to perform nutritional analyses and meet the needs of food manufacturers, hospitals, authors of cookbooks, etc.

Pending this new cohort, you can always outsource your projects to ACC Label’s team.

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