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20 April 2016

Kamagra Purchase Online

Published by Carole Fournier Kamagra Purchase

Thank you to all SIAL Canada visitors who came to ACC Label’s booth. It was great meeting with you all.The winners of the contest for our 2016 Sial Innovation Award winning MesurACC® tool are: Guy Bonraisin, President of Le Petit Breton; Ron Sadler, Managing Director of Twinings North America; Henryette Michaud of l’École des pêches et de l’aquaculture du […]

12 April 2016

Purchase Kamagra Jelly Online

Published by Carole Fournier Kamagra Oral Jelly Uk Paypal

Do you budget for food labelling errors? Such errors could incur important expenses that can seriously unbalance a budget. Food laws are enacted to protect the public. Those who transgress acts and regulations are liable to government penalties proportional to the offence. Minor labelling errors, with no impact on the health and safety of consumers, […]

12 April 2016

Kamagra Buy

Published by Carole Fournier Kamagra Buy Online India

On November 24, 2015, Diana Ickx, Nutritionist and Project Manager at ACC Label, gave a lecture on nutritional analysis to nutrition students at the University of Montreal. The course presented: a description of nutritional analysis methods factors to consider in the choice of method elements required for nutritional analysis purchasing criteria for a nutritional analysis […]

10 August 2015

Kamagra Buy With Paypal

Published by Carole Fournier Kamagra Buy London

Last April 7, 2015, the online Montreal news media La Presse+ published a report revealing major discrepancies between the nutritional data resulting from laboratory analyses of five food products and the nutrition information declared in the nutrition facts tables of the same five foods. The article led us to believe that Nutrition Facts tables are […]

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There is often a fine line between a legally compliant food claim and a misleading statement. Understanding the leg Cheapest Kamagra Oral Jelly Uk