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Nutrition is our background, food our passion, and labelling our expertise. Those are the words Carole Fournier used to describe her field of work at the beginning of her career in the food industry.

In response to the flagrant lack of consultants in food labelling, Carole created À côté de la cuisine in 1990. She promoted her business (also referred to as ACC) with her slogan « While you focus your energies in your cuisine, we are close by to help … À côté de la cuisine ». This name and slogan had the advantage of keeping doors open to a variety of food-related projects including labelling. Thus, while slowly building a food labelling clientele, À côté de la cuisine accepted diverse mandates.

Mandatory Nutrition Labelling

On January 6, 1993, the United States of America adopted their Nutrition Labeling and Education Act. This important new law perfectly matched the vocation Carole was aspiring for her business.

Gradually, Quebec businesses exporting to USA consulted À côté de la cuisine for the nutritional analysis of their food products and the regulatory analysis of their labels, so as to comply with US labelling requirements.

At the turn of the millenary, Health Canada was drafting its own new nutrition labelling regulations. À côté de la cuisine participated in various consultations on the subject and prepared its clientele regarding the upcoming regulatory changes.

At that time, À Côté de la cuisine officially became ACC Label. The name change was meant to facilitate the pronounciation by our allophone clients and better reflect the firm’s mission, i.e. food labelling.

On December 12, 2002, the government of Canada published its new regulations making nutritional labelling mandatory in Canada. These new regulations largely contributed to the growth of ACC Label.

As the demand for Canadian food labelling services grew, ACC Label gradually dropped its services for US labelling. While focusing on Canadian labelling, companies from all over North America and Europe consulted ACC Label to adapt their labels to the new Canadian labelling requirements.

The first decade of the millenary ended with an increased business volume and signs of a bright future for years to come.

2011 – New Canadian Allergen Labelling Regulations and Technological Development

In February 2011, the Canadian government adopted its enhanced food allergen labelling regulations. Food companies had until August 4, 2012, to review all their labels so as to comply with the new labelling requirements.

In anticipation for the accrued workload resulting from the new allergen labelling requirements ACC Label began a technological development phase. They created an online technical database linking ingredients’ data with finished products. This database improved the work efficiency while reducing the risk of errors.

ACC Label also purchased a graphics software and began creating in-house their own print-ready Nutrition Facts tables in a format that could be inserted directly into the clients’ label design.

2013 –  New Business Development Phase

After resolving a regulatory issue related to the fact that nutritionists are part of a small group of professionals who may not incorporate their businesses in the province of Quebec, ACC Label was finally able to change legal status and become Étiquetage ACC inc. ● ACC Label Inc.

In addition to its professional services, ACC Label created its first product: the MesurACC™. This typographical ruler was primarily designed as a working tool for ACC Label’s team. Its purpose was to verify the compliance of the various label elements with respect to the typographical requirements prescribed in Canadian regulations. Considering the usefulness of this tool for anyone working in food labelling, ACC Label decided to offer its MesurACC on the market.

In order to promote the MesurACC and facilitate the requests for quotes for ACC Label’s services, ACC Label revamped its website and gave it an entire new dynamic look, containing more information. The new site also allows interested parties to purchase the MesurACC subscribe to ACC Label’s newsletter, consult its blog, link to ACC Label’s LinkedIn and Google Plus pages, as well as provide the opportunity to apply for a job.

Simultaneously, ACC Label pursued its technological development with important updates to its online technical database. ACC Label also improved its customer management and project management with high-tech software.

Objectives for 2015

To build on ACC Label’s recent technological advances and marketing strategy; and actively participate in government consultations regarding the numerous proposed regulatory changes related to food labelling, so as to always give the best service to our precious clientele.

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