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Our Mission

Food labelling is ACC Label’s expertise. We can help you with all your labelling needs including allergen labelling, food label translation, and the creation of nutrition labels specific to your products and adapted to your package design.

Founded in 1990, ACC Label is now internationally renowned with direct and indirect clients on each continent. Players at all levels of the agri-food industry, from producers to retailers or food services, including associations and business groups, come to us for their food labelling needs. Our mission is to advise them on the appropriate manner in which they can label their food products to enhance their marketability while respecting Canadian food labelling regulations as well as the Quebec language requirements.

Our Professional Team

Specialized in food labelling, ACC Label's team is composed of nutritionists, food scientists and translators. By balancing their respective expertises in food labelling regulations, nutrition science and translation, they can help create nutrition labels and highlight your products best features.

Through their vast experience and knowledge of nutrition labels, food label translation, and allergen labelling, ACC Label’s team of expert advisors have helped many of our clients maximize their potential and grow.

At ACC Label, each project is handled by a bilingual or trilingual (English, French and/or Mandarin) account manager specializing in specific product categories, such as produce, bakery products, meats, novel foods, etc.

ACC Label is the best choice for your business, as we combine expertise within the following three areas:

The combination of these competencies is what sets us apart from our competitors, as most businesses working in our field seldom excel in all three of these areas.